We are a family run business and have been since 2002. The business has grown so much these last years! We started with 4 employees: Serge Massie (Dad), Shelley Innes (Mum), Heather Massie (daughter) and Lady Diana (Surrogate Grandmother). We worked this way for 2 summers before Shelley had the wonderful idea to ditch the Breyer’s ice cream and become inventors of ice cream flavours. Wow, what a great idea! Since taking that leap of faith, Shelley has graduated from several programs including the Ice Cream Technology Course at Guelph University (yes, this course actually exists, and has since 1914!), and a chocolate course at Le Cordon Bleu. Since starting on this new course of action, we have made a goal of selling at least 50% of local or handmade in store products. Which has been really fun, if you factor out the burnt caramel we have often experienced… We have been extremely fortunate and when the business started growing we were able to find stupendous (yes, I will use that word), employees. We have also had the opportunity to express some other passions, such as our interest in the environment, local economy and concentrating on green initiatives (Check out our Green Page!). We have been blessed to belong to a small community where people are willing to lend a helping hand, and we will continue to encourage local farmers to be involved in our local ice cream flavours. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please refer to our contact page! Thanks

Downtowne Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe

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