(For all things GREEN!)


First off would like to say that yes, we here at The Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe sometimes do enjoy hugging trees. But mostly we want to see a green future. We are persistently trying to create new ways to be environmentally responsible, and it’s not always easy, or cost effective. Many children come through the shoppe, and we see the importance of creating a sustainable world for them.


We started by changing to “Bullfrog Power”, Canada’s 100% green energy provider. You can learn more about Bullfrog Power by visiting their website:


Next we decided to try using compostable/biodegradable cups & spoons. Every action causes a reaction, so we try to encourage the use of the awesome cone, which is in itself fully biodegradable!  For those of you sold on getting a dish, breathe easy, they’re made from corn.


The Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe also began making our ice cream flavours from local ingredients whenever possible, which means that we’re helping a local farmer when we make our various local flavour ice creams. To find out more about the local flavours initiative check out their website:


For the past 5 summers we have been creating a (very small & zen like (*outta control)) community garden on the side

of the shoppe. We created this garden

for locals & tourists alike who need a

natural pick-me up of fresh produce…

Or need fresh mint for homemade mojitos! Come see & have a fresh taste from our garden, we make it so you can take it!

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